Über uns

At Maison Zoe we have a vision: to meet your needs for style and elegance with aesthetic products made of high quality materials, produced by sustainable and ecological production methods. Here we rely on an authentic presentation and a detailed description to meet the expectations of our customers always. Our product range is filled with the most diverse articles made of the most different materials, which convince with the highest quality. Without exception, we source our products directly from the manufacturers, who in most cases rely on local raw materials and skilled manual processing with years of expertise.

Our raw material range includes:

– alabaster

– Sheesham

– Recycled & Clear Glass

– Palm leaves

– Copper

– Material

We appreciate your interest and hope for your satisfaction!

If you have suggestions or feedback, we invite you to rate us or to contact us directly with further interest: info@maison-zoe.com

Our values ​​People, manual labor and sustainability are the inspiration for our daily work. The feedback from our customers is our motivation to move forward and to constantly improve. Earlier you realized that you can create more together than alone.

Our values

People: We always strive to adapt the quality to the expectations of our customers.
Needless to say: All our products are made by hand, whereby we preserve and promote jobs.
Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable and ecological production.