When it comes to getting new clothes or furniture, many buyers tend to immediately choose products made of cotton, given the softness, quality and environmental friendliness of the material. And what about you?

What is cotton anyway?

A cotton tree is a small shrub that requires a lot of water, very fertile soil and hot weather when planted to produce very high-quality cotton. Cotton is one of the most famous and important agricultural crops in the world, as it can be used for the production of clothing, fabrics and furniture. Egyptian cotton is the best known among the best cotton varieties in the world and is called the long-staple cotton. Egypt alone produces about 30% of the world’s total cotton production. Long-staple cotton comes from a plant with long bristles, which is collected manually in successive stages. The purchase price of this is slightly higher than the normal cotton with less length. It is imported from many countries, including Japan and England, which are aware of its quality and excellence.

What you didn’t know about Egyptian cotton!

Egyptian cotton also has a history that is no less important than the history of Egypt itself. Cotton cultivation in Egypt began when some cotton seeds were discovered in a trench of the New Kingdom era. The cotton trees grown fascinated everyone so much that the agricultural areas of cotton were quickly increased, making Egypt the world’s leading exporter of the finest cotton.

The most popular types of cotton

  • Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is internationally considered one of the best and most famous varieties of cotton. It is characterized by its strong long fibers up to 35 mm.

  • Asian cotton

It is shorter than Egyptian cotton, the fibers are somewhat rough and are used in the manufacture of some furniture and clothing.

  • Icelandic cotton

Another good cotton variety is grown in Iceland. It is very expensive compared to other cotton varieties because it is grown under certain controlled conditions.

This cotton is used to make many products such as underwear, napkins, blankets and some furniture.

  • Organic cotton

Have you ever heard of organic cotton? Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown in a climate-proof manner under certain conditions. Here, the focus is on the quality of the soil and the use of organic fertilizers instead of pesticides. In Egypt, there are more than 800 farmers growing organic cotton and their total area is more than 950 acres, distributed among a number of Egyptian governors.

Where is used organic cottonorganic cotton?

Organic cotton is a sustainable alternative to the original cotton and is particularly environmentally friendly. By adding only organic substances to the soil, it can hold 30% more water in it. Thus, the water consumption of organic cotton is 91% less than conventional cotton. Sustainable fashion has now become a global trend in the world of clothing.

These ideas have been adopted by most international companies and brands specializing in clothing and textiles, including many Egyptian companies that provide us with the best products made from organic Egyptian cotton. You can find this distinctive organic cotton in our products such as pillowcases or towels. Feel free to browse our site. Also for you there is certainly something suitable in the shop.

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