If you decide to trade plants or wood products, the products must be subject to the so-called international CITES agreement. But what exactly is this agreement? Is it important to you as a customer? We will answer these questions in this blog.

What is CITES?

It is an agreement between all countries on the import or export of animals and plants of endangered species, as well as some products made from dry plants or the furs of some animals. The aim is to protect these species from extinction.

Does this agreement apply to certain types of plants or products?

The CITES agreement was originally created to protect all wildlife and products made from them. If the products made from wood and leather are sustainable and environmentally friendly, these products may be traded.

Are imported products subject to CITES inspection before shipment?

Every importer of products from plants or from animals, whether fur or leather, is obliged to have a CITES certificate. This certificate gives customers more confidence in your products and their quality.

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