Recycling glass

Not every broken item is unusable. On the contrary, you can recycle damaged products to decorate your home in a sustainable way. How it all works and how it affects our environment you will learn below.

Why do we recycle glass?

Glass recycling is so important in our time because the production of glass requires less energy and is therefore kinder to the environment.

The glass takes 75% less energy to recycle than it does to produce virgin raw materials. On the other hand, if you wanted to mine the glass, you would have to wait over a million years. That’s why recycling is a sustainable alternative to disposing of used glass.
One of the most important properties of glass is its flexibility and ease of deformation, without sacrificing quality.

How is the glass recycled?

Before the glass can be melted in the furnace, some preparations must be made. First, the glass is sorted by color and arranged in groups.

It is then successively melted in the furnace and mixed with certain powders, which are then responsible for a certain color. Then, with the help of a blowpipe, the glass is formed into the desired shape and cooled.

Decoration ideas from recycled glass

Recycled glass is used for the production of many environmentally friendly products that can give a new flair to many households. Why not try it for yourself and, for example, put colored vases on the shelves of your living room. You will immediately feel a sense of relaxation and serenity.

Of course, you can also use these exclusive glass products as candle holders. They create a certain romantic atmosphere as well at the dining table during candlelight dinner as in the bedroom.

Check it out for yourself and find the right product for your home from our glass assortment.

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